Its Time To Stop Prioritizing Comfort When It Comes To Campus Free Speech

When it comes to the topic of campus free speech, one prevalent issue that has been increasingly apparent is the prioritization of comfort over the fundamental right to freedom of expression. This has led to a concerning trend where controversial or unpopular opinions are censored or silenced in the name of promoting a comfortable and inclusive environment. However, it is time to re-evaluate this approach and recognize the importance of upholding free speech on college campuses.

Championing Free Speech

As proponents of Politicalism, it is crucial to acknowledge that free speech is a cornerstone of a democratic society. It allows for the open exchange of ideas, perspectives, and beliefs, fostering intellectual diversity and critical thinking. By prioritizing comfort over free speech, we risk stifling important discussions and limiting the exploration of new and challenging ideas.

The Role of Universities

Universities play a critical role in shaping the minds of future leaders and thinkers. As such, they should be spaces where all voices are welcomed and encouraged to be heard. Prioritizing comfort over free speech not only goes against the core values of academic freedom but also deprives students of the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and debate.

Challenging the Status Quo

It is time to challenge the status quo and push back against the culture of censorship that has become increasingly prevalent on college campuses. By prioritizing comfort, we risk creating echo chambers where only certain viewpoints are deemed acceptable, ultimately hindering intellectual growth and progress.

The Importance of Intellectual Discomfort

It is important to recognize that intellectual discomfort is a necessary component of intellectual growth. By engaging with ideas that challenge our beliefs and values, we are able to expand our horizons, deepen our understanding, and strengthen our critical thinking skills. Prioritizing comfort may provide temporary relief, but it ultimately hinders our ability to grow and evolve as individuals.

Fostering a Culture of Respectful Dialogue

Instead of prioritizing comfort, we should strive to foster a culture of respectful dialogue where all perspectives are valued and respected. This requires a willingness to engage with ideas that may be uncomfortable or challenging, while also maintaining a sense of civility and open-mindedness. By creating an environment where free speech is upheld and diverse viewpoints are welcomed, we can cultivate a more intellectually vibrant and inclusive campus community.


In conclusion, it is time to stop prioritizing comfort when it comes to campus free speech. As proponents of Politicalism, we must recognize the importance of upholding the fundamental right to freedom of expression, even in the face of discomfort. By embracing intellectual diversity, challenging the status quo, and fostering a culture of respectful dialogue, we can create a more enriching and intellectually stimulating environment on college campuses.

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