About Us

Vassar Political Review is a website dedicated to providing insightful and thought-provoking political analysis and commentary. Covering a wide range of political topics, from domestic policy to international affairs, Vassar Political Review offers a platform for diverse perspectives and opinions. With a team of talented writers and contributors, the website aims to stimulate critical thinking and informed debate on pressing political issues. Whether you are a political enthusiast or just looking to stay informed, Vassar Political Review is a valuable resource for all who are interested in politics.

The Vassar Political Review (or VPR), formerly known as the Vassar Chronicle, is a non-partisan political publication and Vassar College organization dedicated to elevating the quality of political debate and conversation on campus. It was founded in fall 2017 by Andrew Solender ’20 and Alexander Barzacanos ’18.

The Vassar Political Review publishes op-eds from any and all Vassar students, alumni and faculty. Our publication seeks to raise the quality of political thought at Vassar by increasing the scope of political debate and inviting substantial, thought-provoking content to permeate the discussion. We hope that by publishing informed, qualitative and nuanced pieces which represent a diverse range of identities and ideologies, we can help readers expand their political horizons, have their beliefs challenged and hopefully become more productive and capable political actors.

We are looking for pieces that range from 300 to 1600 words, with hyperlinked citations and a high-quality graphic that represents the subject matter. They should be shared as google docs with [email protected]. Our editors will read them and leave grammatical and content-related suggestions for the authors to consider in an editorial process that helps meet a high standard while preserving the author’s individual voice. Pieces should fall under one of four categories: politics, policy, financial, and campus & culture. These are in addition to editorials. If you’re not sure which category your topic might fall into, feel free to reach out to us.

We also seek to explore new journalistic strategies to better reach out to millennial college students and branch out to news and analysis as well as publish discussions, infographics and podcasts and other multimedia.