Bullet Train journey with Brad Pitt is worthwile

Brad Pitt has so much class that he can play a ridiculous character without being grotesque. The unlucky killer he plays in David Leitch ‘s Bullet Train perfectly illustrates this observation. With his hat, his green jacket, his big glasses and his nickname “Ladybug”, he could quickly be appalling but he attracts immediate sympathy among colleagues determined to eliminate him.

He is far from Thelma and Louise ‘s handsome boy ! At 58, Brad Pitt plays with his image to the delight of an accomplice spectator. David Leitch, head stuntman then director of Atomic Blonde , John Wick and Deadpool 2 does not spare the star. As usual, the director mixes dark humor and breathtaking action like a Quentin Tarantino on steroids . 20 Minutes explains why it works so well…

Brad makes fun of everything and especially of himself! Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t work! The actor performs most of his stunts himself and takes it all in the face. “We shot this film in full confinement, before we were vaccinated, he declared at the Paris press conference. In these dark times, it was the kind of films we needed, that’s why I wanted to do it. He totally assumes the loser side of his character, like the desire to make the viewer laugh at his expense.

Brian Tyree Henry (seen in the Atlanta series ), Aaron Taylor-Johnson ( Kick-Ass ), Andrew Koji, Joey King, Zazie Beetz (seen in Deadpool 2), Sandra Bullock and Michael Shannon (the villain in The Shape of the water ) have a great time around Brad Pitt. All of them make a fuss of it. Brad gives them room to exist. From the sadistic godfather to the wise samurai, passing through a pair of hired assassins and a counselor with a golden voice, the characters are hilarious.

Stuck in a high-speed train between Tokyo and Kyoto exchanging murderous replies and equally murderous blows, Brad Pitt carries the film with as much seriousness as detachment. Its presence constitutes the major asset of a rhythmic entertainment which invites the spectator to take place on board the convoy to be carried away. Bullet Train has no other destination than the amusement of the public, which it brings to its destination with a lot of bursts of laughter and adrenaline rushes.

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