Yoga Tourism – Major Destinations Around the World

If you are interested in the growing yoga tourism industry, you may be wondering where the best places are to practice yoga. Here are a few popular places in the world to practice yoga, including Portugal, Ibiza, and Costa Rica. These countries are known for their rich biodiversity, beautiful beaches, and rugged mountain ranges covered in forests. Many yoga retreats in these places offer spa treatments and organic meals, making it a relaxing destination for those interested in the practice.

Bali is a popular yoga destination

One of the fastest growing destinations for yoga retreats is Bali. With its beautiful rice field scenery, ocean views, and energy vortex, Bali is the perfect destination for a yoga retreat. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner, you will find a retreat in Bali to meet your needs. Here are the reasons why Bali is one of the best yoga destinations. You’ll be amazed at the variety of activities you can enjoy while practicing yoga in Bali.


Spain is a popular choice for yoga travelers. Its Mediterranean coast is renowned for its beaches and nightlife, and it’s an ideal location for a yoga vacation. It has a wide variety of yoga classes and studios, from Hatha to Acro. In addition, the country’s weather is mild and perfect year-round, making it the ideal location for any yoga retreat. In addition to its many great yoga destinations, Spain also offers a diverse array of other attractions for visitors.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that has plenty of opportunities for Yoga retreats. The island is full of lush tropical jungles and has an unspoiled coastline that is perfect for practicing yoga. The yoga retreats that take place here often include water sports such as surfing. You can enjoy your yoga session on a beach while catching a tropical breeze. After practicing yoga, you can jump into the Caribbean. It is the perfect destination for Yoga enthusiasts.


Portugal is one of the major locations for yoga holidays. It is home to many world-class surf destinations, including Ericeira and Algarve. Portugal also offers yoga retreats, perfect for beginners. While you are in Portugal, you should consider exploring the capital city, Lisbon, which has amazing architecture and an incredible art scene. It also has a fascinating history and street art. Aside from surfing, Portugal offers other activities like hiking, kitesurfing, and horseback riding.


One of the top yoga destinations in the world is Sardinia. This beautiful island offers a variety of experiences for yoga enthusiasts, including meditation, hatha yoga, and pranayama. There are many beautiful beaches to practice on, as well as a number of hiking trails and surfing spots. The island is also home to several ancient sites, including medieval castles and palaces. A yoga retreat in Sardinia will be an unforgettable experience for any yoga enthusiast.

Koh Phangan

The emergence of Yoga Tourism is a booming industry. With an increasing demand for experienced yogis, the industry is projected to reach a record-breaking high by 2022. The practice of yoga is highly popular among tourists who are motivated by their personal values and desire to experience the mind-body-spirit connection. Travelers are also looking for a new way to stay physically and emotionally fit. By traveling to the right locations, yogis can engage their social networks in a transformative process.


A typical healing breakfast in a retreat in Goa, India, includes homemade bread, tropical fruits, porridge, and local nuts. In addition, the typical lunch includes a blend of Indian and western food. The food in Goa is fresh, organic, and produced locally. Yoga retreats in Goa provide expert instruction in Ashtanga yoga, followed by relaxation programs. The best time to travel to Goa is between November and March.

Sri Lanka

The misty mountains of the central highlands are a spectacular backdrop for an idyllic yoga vacation. The central highlands are home to open-air shalas where you can practice yoga. Then, you can explore the rich cultural history of Sri Lanka, which is home to many UNESCO heritage sites. The country also has a wealth of accommodations to suit different budgets and tastes. You can spend your yoga vacation in one of Sri Lanka’s many shalas.

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