Prusa Research and Somnium 3D Printed VR Headsets Announce Partnership

A Czech 3D printing specialist and Somnium Space are partnering with Prusa Research to introduce a 3D-printed headset. Called the Somnium VR ONE, the headset is wired or standalone, and will be sold under a commercial license that will give owners unlimited access to VR content. It will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 processor and feature 8 GB of LPDDR5 memory and 512 GB of UFS flash storage. In addition, it will support microSD memory cards.

The headset will be available online and for purchase from Somnium Space. It will be made by Vrgineers and sold to consumers and DIYers alike. It will be backed by investments from Somnium Space and Vrgineers. The company also expects to sell components of the headset and complete headsets.

The Somnium VR ONE headset will support a tethered or standalone mode, and will work on all major platforms. It is designed to overcome the limitations of the current VR market, including rigid hardware standards and a lack of flexibility. The headset will be built on a transparent system and will offer a truly immersive VR experience. The headset will support independent and tethered configurations, which is vital for filmmakers.

The new XL is aimed at a higher market than Prusa has traditionally targeted. It will retail for $1,999+ USD and ship in the second quarter of 2022. Prusa has also announced that the new XL model will feature new features that will be coming to other Prusa printers.

The company has also made the models for its 3D-printed VR headsets open source. This allows for a more equitable product. As an added benefit, it is possible to modify the design of the headsets to match the specifications of your chosen hardware. Prusa also has a range of accessories for the headset, including a battery pack and a charger.

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