Depp Heard dark side revealed in new documents

If the legal battle between the two actors ended on June 1 , more than 6,000 documents relating to the trial were unveiled during the weekend. The result is explosive revelations – and a multitude of sordid details.

She claims to have lost “between 47 and 50 million dollars” (45 and 48 million euros) through the fault of Johnny Depp . If the legal battle between the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard ended on June 1 , the sordid revelations about the trial continue to rain. Evidenced by the explosive content of 6000 unpublished documents , just unsealed and unveiled during the weekend of July 30. These were pored over by the Daily Beast .

These sheets indeed contain elements that were not presented to the public during the highly publicized affair. According to the daily, Amber Heard would have refused the “tens of millions of dollars” offered to her by Johnny Depp, inclined to find an agreement before their trial.

The actor would have agreed to pay him 16 million dollars (15 million euros), half of what he earned Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (2017), shot during their marriage. An offer that the main interested party would have rejected, arguing that she was “not doing this for the money”.

Among these thousands of documents, there is also the testimony of Jennifer Howell, a museum curator with whom Whitney Henriquez, the sister of Amber Heard, worked in 2015. The latter would have told her at the time the incident during which Johnny Depp lost a fingertip.

She would have told him in particular that the actress was indeed the author of this injury. “So she said to me, ‘She cut off her finger,'” Jennifer Howell recalled. Then she ran out the door and said, “I have to call someone.” “Before continuing:” It was Amber and Johnny, and she had apparently thrown a bottle that had severed her finger (…)”

According to the Daily Beast , the actor’s lawyers would have done everything to exclude from the trial exhibits related to Marilyn Manson, accused of sexual assault. Johnny Depp’s lawyers have argued that references to the singer and “the evidence about him” would harm the actor, and could make him look like an accomplice in his actions.

In a 2016 SMS sent to the actor, Marilyn Manson would have written: “I invited an Amber 2.0 to my house.” Or: “Lindsay just made me an Amber… Please delete this message.” To which Johnny Depp reportedly replied, “I’ve read a LOT about this and sociopathic behavior… It’s totally true bro! My ex s**op is a fucking MANUEL!”

A little later, the singer would also have sent: “I lived an Amber type scenario with the police, because of the family of L. I stress. I don’t know if you’re back, but I need someone to meet me somewhere because I think the cops might come and see me.”

The actor’s team would also have tried to dismiss the testimony of actress Ellen Barkin, according to which Johnny Depp would have one day thrown a bottle of wine in his direction, but also the messages in which he speaks of drowning and burn Amber Heard, or favorable expert opinions about her, centered on her mental health.

Lawyers have also requested that Amber Heard’s comments about the actor’s strained relationship with Disney studios not appear in the file. According to the heroine of Aquaman (2018), Johnny Depp would have shown himself “drunk and stoned on television, to the point that Disney studio executives called Mrs. Jacobs ( the actor’s former agent, editor’s note ) for him ask what was wrong with his client”.

A situation that would have been reproduced on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 . Disney would then have informed Tracey Jacobs that the conduct of his protege was “intolerable”.

The documents also show how much Depp’s lawyers worked to exclude from the trial the summary of the various arrests and lawsuits that targeted the actor. In a document dated March 28, the actor’s team is also indignant that his ex-wife wanted to highlight his erection problems.

She thus claimed to have bought him drugs against these disorders, but also against herpes. “Although Mr. Depp prefers not to disclose his erectile dysfunction, such a condition is absolutely likely to provoke sexual violence (…) and the use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard”, had thus supported the actress’ lawyers in the documents.

An attempt that the comedian’s defenders described as “pure harassment”, claiming that Amber Heard “clearly intended to tip this trial into a downward spiral of countless saucy content”. Johnny Depp has repeatedly denied the allegations of rape and violence made by his former wife.

Judge Penny Azcarate for her part dismissed the testimony of an expert, Julian Ackert, employee of iDiscovery Solutions, a company specializing – among other things – in cybersecurity. According to him, Johnny Depp was able to tamper with some of the photos and audio recordings in the file.

He thus declared having detected on these elements “Anomalies which question their authenticity”, affirming that the dates of creation and modification of the pictures had been changed years after the incidents mentioned.

According to the lawyers of Amber Heard, the former companion of Vanessa Paradis would also have tried to put forward “inappropriate” documents. They claimed that Johnny Depp was trying to use inappropriate evidence against their client, such as the actress’ nude photos, the video from a Whitney Henriquez reality show, in which she claims to have been injured by her sister, information on their former romantic relationships, or even on Amber Heard’s (brief) past as a stripper. Johnny Depp would have also hinted that his former companion had been able to work as an escort girl.

Words that the latter’s lawyers asked to be excluded from the trial. On June 1, Amber Heard was found guilty of defamation after portraying herself as a “victim of domestic violence” in a Washington Post op-ed in 2018. She was ordered to pay $10 million ($9 million). euros) to Johnny Depp. The latter, for his part, had to pay him 2 million dollars (1.8 million euros). Amber Heard has since appealed this decision.

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