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Blood in the water

With primary season upon us, the 2020 Democratic field is quickly on its way to becoming one of the largest in American history. Eleven major Democratic candidates have already announced campaigns or exploratory committees–with one, West Virginia State Senator Richard Ojeda, dropping out several weeks ago–and at least a half dozen more are widely expected to run. That’s in addition to the many other prominent Democratic politicians, business leaders and celebrities whose names have floated for potential Presidential bids. By the time the Iowa Caucus rolls around, it seems, every Democrat in the country will be running for President.

It’s no surprise that so many Democrats sense opportunity this cycle. Donald Trump has spent nearly his entire first term so far with underwater approval ratings–the result of a chaotic White House in which chaos and crisis are the norm. Trump has also made several controversial policy moves to placate his right-wing base–such as banning transgender troops from serving in the armed forces, and forcing a government shutdown over demands for a border wall–further alienating the moderate and center-right suburban voters who broke with him in the GOP in 2018, delivering the House, six governorships and hundreds of state legislature seats to Democrats. If things don’t turn around for Trump soon, Democrats might just sink his presidency for good come 2020.

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Adlai Brandt-Ogman ’21 is a media studies major and the VPR’s cartoonist.

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