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With a recent UN climate change report showing that keeping global temperature rise from a catastrophic level in the next few decades might be a more elusive goal than previously anticipated, the urgency of finding solutions to the deadly problem and working towards reducing–and eventually eliminating–carbon emissions cannot be understated. For too long, corporate profiteers and their Washington backers have prioritized short-term, economic success over the survival of our species and our planet. The 2020 election must be a turning point on this: the electorate must, in a loud, collective, and resounding voice declare that simply acknowledging the validity of the scientific consensus on climate change is not enough: not by a mile. Politicians must put aside their petty economic squabbles and see the bigger picture. They must tackle the fundamental, existential threat that is climate change.

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Adlai Brandt-Ogman ’21 is a prospective media studies major and the VPR’s cartoonist.

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